Next stop – The Land Down Under – Australia Bound

Day 1 – Australia 2009

Alrighty, so that’s the asia leg over with (See Round the World 2008). Enough of death-defying transport, bowel-clenching cuisine and anti-hygiene accommodation. Well, actually, not enough, because it was all pretty awesome, but we gotta go anyway…

It’s time to hit the western world again, or at least the western world in the east. We’re on the plane from Bangkok to Sydney, sitting beside an intensely annoying 19 year old who is spewing the highly disorganised and probably fabricated contents of her brain at us in an endless stream of clearly unlikely travelling tales. It’s all very well having danced the night away on a Thai beach, drinking buckets of suspicious liquids, but try to remember that you’re not the first person to do this, and in fact probably not even the 1 million and 1st. You’re not in an Alex Garland novel, it’s really not that original any more…

Nearly there though and the plan is as follows:

  • Sydney for a bit
  • Trip down to Melbourne to see a mate of mine – Patrick ‘Flash’ Gordon – before Christmas
  • Possibly the tried and tested Cairns – Whitsundays – Fraser Island – Byron Bay – Sydney 10 day backpacker tour after Christmas
  • Back to Melbourne to get down to some good old fashioned work.

Work… Boo hiss, I haven’t worked in over a month. I suspect I’ve forgotten how. If I ever knew…

Oh well, off to the country that seems to have more ways to kill you than any other, only some of which will have the courtesy to shout, “Ya flamin’ Gullah!” at you before hitting you with a bent piece of wood. The others all either have too many legs or too few, but invariably sport some very sharp teeth. And those Koalas, sitting around in trees looking all cute and innocent. There’s something not right about them – eyes to the trees folks, we’re going in.

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