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Take a Walk on the Wild Side of Western Australia

Visitors to Australia who venture out of the main centers like Melbourne and Sydney are often struck by just how much empty land there is between big cities. Even a drive up the coast from Sydney to the Gold Coast is punctuated with miles and miles of unpopulated areas. On the south and west coasts, however, distances between towns and even villages can be measured in the hundreds of miles. Take a walk on... read more

Next stop – The Land Down Under – Australia Bound

Day 1 – Australia 2009 Alrighty, so that’s the asia leg over with (See Round the World 2008). Enough of death-defying transport, bowel-clenching cuisine and anti-hygiene accommodation. Well, actually, not enough, because it was all pretty awesome, but we gotta go anyway… It’s time to hit the western world again, or at least the western world in the east. We’re on the plane... read more