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The Nepal/Tibet Border – Taking the Last Resort

Day 6 – Nepal 2008 This morning we escaped the chaos of Kathmandu and headed into the mountains. It was our first experience of Nepali buses and, having heard a little about them before we left, they didn’t dissapoint. The morning was quite foggy and as we headed out through some pretty grubby Kathmandu outskirts our speed started to pick up. Suddenly, the bus in front wasn’t going quite... read more

Kathmandu, Nepal – “Tower, this is Maverick. Requesting Everest Fly-By”

Day 5 – 2008 RTW Trip The Everest mountain flight was something Cat and I had talked about way before actually arriving in Nepal. Cat really wanted to see Everest somehow and, to be fair, I thought it would be pretty cool too. I was hoping we could manage to see it from the ground though, thinking a plane would be cheating slightly, and naively thought that, being the highest mountain in the world... read more

India to Nepal – Getting on to Kathmandu

Day 4 – 2008 RTW Trip Alrighty, first thought after last night’s bottom antics was, ‘Can we make the flight?’ The last thing we wanted was to be stuck in Delhi another day with nothing to do but make further contributions to their bulging sewers, but as it turned out I felt a lot better. Not good exactly, but certainly less leaky.   We got a taxi out to the airport with, randomly,... read more

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