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Agra to Delhi – A lesson in how not to run a road system

Day 3 In the morning our only thought was to escape this tout-ridden, tourist-trap of a place and head back from Agra to Delhi in preparation for making like a shepherd and getting the flock out of India. Our driver had other ideas though and it became obvious that even private cars aren’t immune to the ‘slight detour my friend, I know a very good shop with cheap, cheap prices!’ To be... read more

Delhi to Agra – Dodging the Touts at the Taj Mahal

Day 2 So, 2nd day in India and we were up at 6.45am to be in time for our 7.30am car. Obviously this wasn’t taking into account the legendary organisational skills of the Hotel Ajanta though and it turned out that noone in the building knew anything about our booking and, oh, surprise of all surprises, the guy I talked to wasn’t anywhere to be seen. This is where my suspicions proved founded... read more

Off to India – Navigating the Delhi Chaos!

Day 1 So, landed in India after a pretty uncomfortable flight. It wasn’t the longest in the world but it was properly overnight, 10-6am, so I was feeling pretty knackered. Despite that though the standard tiny airplane seats and the presence of around 280 people around me put paid to the idea of sleep. As a consequence, We walked out into the lobby of Delhi plane station a pretty bleary eyed, and... read more