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Guest Post by Liam Clarke

Lake District Adventure Holidays

Lake District Adventure Holidays

If you thought you had to go abroad to experience extreme adventure holidays then you thought wrong. The varied terrain and weather conditions in the UK make it a perfect place to take an adventure holiday.

The Lake District offers some spectacular views as well as a real element of adventure. There is plenty of mountainous terrain and lots of hostels and hotels at the bottom of them, meaning you can start making your ascent within about 5 minutes of leaving your holiday accommodation. You’ve got the choice of doing some individual mountains, like Sergeant Man or Harrison Pike, or reaching the summit of one and trekking across the whole range.

One of the best places to go during the summer months is Stickle Tarn. The walk up to the tarn, a beautiful lake, starts at the bottom of a valley and takes up along a steep but fairly gentle track before a trek up a rock face that feature waterfalls and lots of little streams. You can also book rock climbing there.

One of the unique selling points about Britain is that it’s an island, although, it can be easy to forget about the huge body of we have at our disposal. Taking a sailing holiday along the coast gives you a great chance to see the British Isles like never before. The voyage can last up to 12 weeks so you may need to take a bit of time off work. Holiday insurance might be a good idea too, the waves can get pretty choppy and dangerous. It’s also not cheap at £650 a week; however, this includes food and cabin accommodation.

The River Severn is more famous for being the longest river in Great Britain than for the great adventure holidays you can take on it. However, the 220 mile stretch, can offer adrenaline seekers an exciting trip in a canoe. The route along the river is suitable for beginners but it offers advanced canoeists a chance to challenge themselves too.

The rugged terrain in the Welsh region of Porthcawl is perfect for an adventure holiday. Some of the activities you can try at the activity centre there include raft building, canoeing and rock climbing. However, the most exciting activity has to be the quad biking. The activity centre on the headlands of Wales features one of the most exciting quad bike courses on the British Isles, with lots of mud, sharp turns and a chance to catch some air.

One of the most spectacular ways to sample the sea is through kitesurfing. Over in Pembrokeshire in Wales, they get the perfect weather for you to take a kite surfing holiday. Everyday, you’ll get the winds needed to be propelled along by your kite, which you can hire along with the board from any number of nearby kite surfing companies. There are also big waves so you can really sample the thrill of kite surfing.

About the author: Liam Clarke is an expert in providing UK travel advice. From offering insights into fun activities and destination, to advice on holiday compensation.

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  1. Simon says:

    The lake district is absolutely beautiful, one of my favourite places to visit, especially in the summer time, the views are magnificent!

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