Sweaty Kilts, dried sharks and a Japanese wedding at Izumo Taisha, Shimane

It’s Wedding day for Ryan and Keiko, and it seemed a little jet-lag had crept in. I was up around 11am, kicked out of bed by richard as he’d been up since 7am due to the time difference. I was feeling pretty rough but Ang offered to take us along Hinomisaki cape to see the lighthouse and the views so couldn’t really refuse! It was worth the trip though, and the tiredness melted away as we... read more

Jiminy Cricket the soprano and a semi: Shrines and bugs in Izumo, Japan

Cycling around Izumo on a pair of borrowed bikes (one classic granny bike, big cow-horn handlebars’n all – one totally broken mountain bike, wheels threatening to detach from the frame at any second) I noticed how great an idea it is to get yourself on two wheels in Japan. Bikers and walkers share the pavements, so there’s no traffic stresses at all, and the place is pretty flat so you... read more

Thai boxing ten year olds in Kho Phi Phi, Thailand

Day 25-26 – Round the World 2008 The next couple of days on Phi Phi were a pretty lazy affair, highlights being swimming around the cool little bays, eating far more food than any human needs to survive, drinking enough alchoholic liquid to threaten aforementioned survival and scoffing a few more clandestine pancakes. On our last night on the island I was in a dilemma trying to decide whether to go... read more

On to Ko Phi Phi, Thailand and the drunken Thai Boxers

Day 23 – Round the World 2008 And on we went to Ko Phi Phi. Although we almost didn’t when I went off to get some cash and the ferry transfer bus came and went in the meantime. Not to fear though, some pleading with the hotel staff ensued and the bus came a circle back to pick us up. The ferry was amazing compared to our previous water-borne exploits – the water was flat calm and we... read more

Bandhs and snoopy planes on the way to Kathmandu

Day 11 – Nepal 2008 We had decided on day 1 in Pokhara that our return journey to Kathmandu would be by plane. This was partly a wussy move prompted by the nasty 13 hour bus journey on the way there, but also partly a strategic move because we had then discovered how lucky we were to have escaped Kathmandu at all that day. It turned out that the population had called one of it’s infamous... read more