Playing Poker in Las Vegas

My name’s Colin, and I’m a poker-aholic… Ok, now that’s out of the way… I play pretty regularly in a poker league at my local bar, the Links, in Edinburgh, but recently I had the chance to sample the big leagues, in Las Vegas. If you do the same, be sure to find some time to visit some of the poker rooms in town, as Las Vegas is viewed by most as the center of the poker... read more

Thai boxing ten year olds in Kho Phi Phi, Thailand

Day 25-26 – Round the World 2008 The next couple of days on Phi Phi were a pretty lazy affair, highlights being swimming around the cool little bays, eating far more food than any human needs to survive, drinking enough alchoholic liquid to threaten aforementioned survival and scoffing a few more clandestine pancakes. On our last night on the island I was in a dilemma trying to decide whether to go... read more

On to Ko Phi Phi, Thailand and the drunken Thai Boxers

Day 23 – Round the World 2008 And on we went to Ko Phi Phi. Although we almost didn’t when I went off to get some cash and the ferry transfer bus came and went in the meantime. Not to fear though, some pleading with the hotel staff ensued and the bus came a circle back to pick us up. The ferry was amazing compared to our previous water-borne exploits – the water was flat calm and we... read more