Big ‘Ol Buses from Ko Phi Phi to Bangkok

Day 27 – Round the World 2008 So, time to leave the allegedly tranquil but mostly trolleyed Phi Phi. I have to admit I’m not too sorry. The place looks amazing outside of the hedonistic and decidedly manky drinking centre and the weather’s far from rubbish but there’s only so much beach I can take, and I think I’ve taken it. Cat also seems to be following my line of thought,... read more

Bandhs and snoopy planes on the way to Kathmandu

Day 11 – Nepal 2008 We had decided on day 1 in Pokhara that our return journey to Kathmandu would be by plane. This was partly a wussy move prompted by the nasty 13 hour bus journey on the way there, but also partly a strategic move because we had then discovered how lucky we were to have escaped Kathmandu at all that day. It turned out that the population had called one of it’s infamous... read more

Kathmandu to Pokhara – The trouble with buses in Nepal…

Day 8 – Nepal 2008 The departure for Pokhara this morning wasn’t exactly a rushed affair after last night’s bevvying. We sat around cramming a pretty decent breakfast into us for a good hour before saying bye to Marco and Gille and heading off to the station with the Germans. The bus we were planning to get was called a micro-bus by the locals and turned out to be a pretty modern looking... read more