Budget Holidays Under Canvas: Great Camping!

Camping has never been so popular, fuelled in no small part by the downturn in the economy. Camping is a fun and cheap way to get out into the countryside and spending time getting back to nature with your family, and with modern camping equipment, camping doesn’t mean having to rough it.

How to have a great camping holiday

How to have a great camping holiday

Where can I camp?

For novice campers, it is best to stick to organised sites. There are camp sites up and down the country which provide a huge number of facilities for campers such as electricity points, showers, water taps and shops. All you need to do is turn up with your tent and enjoy your stay. These sorts of camps are the ideal choice also for families with young children as there will often be other children of similar ages for them to play with and some of the larger sites have kids clubs and other activities for them to get involved with. Smaller sites may be in a more scenic location, but may not offer as many facilities. At the other end of the scale, rough camping involves camping in the wild, in a field or other piece of land with no access to facilities at all. This kind of camping offers the best “back to the wild” experience but always check with the landowner before pitching your tent.

Essential equipment

Obviously a tent is the essential item of equipment needed by all campers. The choice of tent will depend on the number of people camping as well as what weather is expected. Practise pitching the tent in the back garden before going away as it will make life less stressful for everyone at the camp site. Sleeping bags, camping stoves and other outdoor equipment will also be needed. The British climate changes quickly, and a lightweight jacket such as the North Face Nuptse Vest is an essential for chillier days. The advantage of the North Face Nuptse Vest is that it is filled with down and is very lightweight, making it the ideal item to pack for space saving and warmth.


One of the newest trends in the camping world is that of “glamping”, which means glamorous camping. At many locations in the UK there are campsites offering top of the range tents with fitted carpets and proper beds, or other more unconventional places to stay such as Mongolian yurts or native American wigwams. Although glamping does offer a less basic experience than traditional camping, most of the time is still spent outside so leave the stilettos and designers jeans at home, and pack the North Face Nuptse Vest along with sturdy walking shoes, warm jumpers and waterproofs.

Food and Cooking

Cooking when camping usually involves a small gas burner stove, so think carefully about what to pack to eat. Tins of food such as beans or soup are ideal, as are meals which can made in one pot. It may also be difficult to keep food cold, so pack powdered milk to use in drinks rather than relying on fresh.

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